KFC vs Popeyes

Episode 178 | May 28, 2019

KFC vs Popeyes: who has the best food?

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KFC vs Popeyes: the battle for fast food fried chicken supremacy. Only one can be your favorite, unless you love both of them equally. There's actually nothing wrong with that. If you have two children, you should love them equally. So if fast food fried chicken is your children, then love both of them equally with all of your heart. If you have to Highlander the situation and let there only be one, which one will it be?

Full Belly Laughs Podcast Episode 178 Show Notes

Host Brian Durkin gives his two cents about KFC vs Popeyes. He reminisces about the last times he remembers eating at these establishments. He tells a story about going to New Orleans as a youth, and tasting Popeyes for the first time. He also recollects the beginning of the Popcorn Chicken era. After going down memory lane, Brian reads several comments from fans of the podcast. The fans share their passionate opinions about which is better: KFC or Popeyes. After the discussion Brian plays a quick round of Punderdome before the battery runs out.

KFC vs Popeyes

There seems to be two camps: people that value grease versus crunch. KFC tends to have a greasier taste, while Popeyes packs more of a crunch. Popeyes though has a Cajun flare to everything. If you're not in the market for blacked-style mashed potatoes, go to KFC. For the most part people enjoy the sides at Popeyes better, since they offer more varieties. However, KFC has the Popcorn Chicken and Pot Pie. They can not be dismissed easily. Finally it really depends on where you live. Popeyes near or in Louisiana will be superior to other parts of the nation. Plus both chains alter their menus at international locations.

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