Orange Julius vs Jamba Juice

Episode 54 | Jan 10, 2017

Which juice stand is the best?

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Orange Julius vs Jamba Juice: the age old debate of mall drink supremacy. Gen X probably loves the nostalgia of Orange Julius. Millennials probably enjoy the health-conscious mission of Jamba Juice. No WWII vet has heard of either.

Under Served Markets

It never ceases to amaze me how big companies forget about niche markets. In today's economy, you need to have focused and targeted marketing strategies. Brands need to be hyper-niche, hyper-focused, and high per capita income brands. Let's face it. If your customers don't have money, then they can't give you money. I think they teach that in Business 101 or something.But WWII vets have loot. Besides all the Nazi art they stole, their annuities are rolling in every day. These geezers don't have enough grandchildren to spoil (#thanksMillennials). This is why Jamba Juice should step in. Just like a presidential election, you need that senior vote. Orange Julius should do this too, but are they even in business?

Be In Business

One of the best ways to capture niche markets is if your business is still operational and fiscally sound. If you don't have any resources to actually do your business, then Jamba Juice will just run rampant with senior consumers. A quick google search shows that Orange Juilus has a wiki page. But you need to click on it to find out any information. Google didn't answer my question immediately. In my opinion, that means no one actually knows if Orange Julius is still in business.But this is just one man's opinion. Honestly the people should decide the champion of dranks.

Orange Julius vs Jamba Juice

We asked Twitter to decide between these drinks, and they made clear what they preferred. Jamba Juice crushed with 91% of the vote.

Even Jamba Juice had something to say about the poll:

Unfortunately Jamba Juice just missed out on beating the largest margin of victory in our Twitter polls. Last week the Mummers beat SantaCon with 92% of the vote.Do you have something to say about the Orange Julius vs Jamba Juice? Tweet @fullbellylaughs and let us know.

Slurpee Squad

These clowns don't mess around with their drinks.

Matt Tsang

He tweets.

Eddie Finn

He tweets. He also helps run Laughs on Philly events.

Blake Wexler

He be tweeting too. He also has a new album out. You should totally check it out.

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Podcast Show Notes: Links and References

Which juice stand is the best?

Blake Wexler graces us with his presence on this special episode of the podcast were we debate Orange Julius vs Jamba Juice.

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