Open House Food

Episode 168 | Mar 19, 2019

We chat with a real estate agent to discover the best spread for an open house.

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Real estate agent Michael DeFiore drops by the podcast to share some insights about open house food. There are certain types of food that are good for open houses. Be sure you know which snacks and refreshments are used by the best real estate agents.

Full Belly Laughs Podcast Episode 168 Show Notes

Host Brian Durkin meets up with his friend Michael DeFiore. They chat about the real estate business, and what types of refreshments make for a great open house. Mike shares his insights from running open houses and attending them. The conversation wonders into what to expect at an open house, what some weird people will do at open houses, and the baller broker lunches you need to crash. After the conversation about real estate the boys play a few rounds of Super Fight.

Cheese Plates Are the Best Open House Food

Mike recommends a cheese plate for any open house. Include a nice brie and a solid pack of crackers. This will go a long way with potential buyers. The cheese plate adds a nice touch to the ambiance. It helps potential home buyers feel comfortable in the space, and imagine serving their own cheese plates to future house guests. It's also an easy snack that doesn't make a mess. As the open house host, you need to clean up after the guests. If you don't go with a cheese plate, make sure it's a figure-food that isn't messy.

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