Best Philly Food By Neighborhood

Episode 167 | Mar 12, 2019

We do a tour of all things foodie in Philadelphia. Discover the best spots here.

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Geo from Geo's Table drops by the cast to chat about all things Philly food. This incredible food bloggers sheds his knowledge about some of the best places in the city. This is your quintessential guide to Philly food by neighborhood.

Full Belly Laughs Podcast Episode 167 Show Notes

Geo is a creative professional with a great appreciation for the arts, and at the center of that appreciation is food. You can follow his food adventures on his Instagram or reading his blog. Lucky for us he stopped by the podcast to bestow his incredible knowledge of all things Philly food. Geo and host Brian Durkin chat about their favorite places to eat in Philly. To make sense of such a massive undertaking, they organize their favorite places by neighborhood.

After breaking down all of their favorite places, they play a new game. Geo provided the party game "Billionaire Banshee". It's a perfect game for the podcast, and we hope to play it again soon.

Best Philly Food by Neighborhood

There are so many gems in this episode that we highly recommend listening to the full thing. If you need some quick hits, then check out this list.

  • Fishtown: Memphis Taproom
  • Northern Liberties: Jerry's Bar
  • Fairmount: Belgium Taproom
  • West Philly: Dock Street Brewery
  • University City: Honest Tom's
  • Center City: Charlie Was a Sinner
  • Old City: Zahav
  • South Philly: Sabrina's Cafe

Podcast Show Notes: Links and References

We do a tour of all things foodie in Philadelphia. Discover the best spots here.

Geo from Geo's Table joins the podcast to break down the best food in Philly by neighborhood. Read or listen to their advice for eating in Philly.

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