Oil vs Mayo

Episode 96 | Oct 31, 2017

Which spread do you prefer on your hoagie?

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Oil vs mayo. The ultimate choice when it comes to hoagies and sandwiches. Which do you prefer?Find out what we think on this episode of the Full Belly Laughs podcast. We go deep as we discuss the pros and cons of oil and mayo. We read comments from our fans on the matter, and end the episode with a few rounds of Super Fight. User the player start listening, or continue reading for the show notes.

Full Belly Laughs Podcast Episode 96 Show Notes

We agreed that if you think of every application, oil reigns supreme. The fact that you can cook with it is too strong. But when it comes to sandwiches, mayo is probably better. Oil feels a bit basic. But honestly it depends on the sandwich. Turkey and mayo go great together, but an Italian hoagie calls for oil.

Oil vs Mayo

Listeners of the podcast had a lot to say about this debate. Here are some of our favorite responses from the poll.

Fans of Oil

The best quotes from people who love oil.

Oil, because of it's uses in cooking beyond as a condiment. If we were talking only on a sandwich, it's mayo all the way.- Nick from Maple Shade, NJ
Oil has so many applications! Mayo is like sammich and a few dressings. Gtfo mayo!- Alex from Magnolia, NJ
Oil is the only acceptable spread on a hoagie. Anyone who puts mayo on a hoagie has brought dishonor upon themselves, their family, and their cow.- David from South Philly

Fans of Mayo

The top quotes from mayo lovers.

Mayo because it belongs on a hoagie.- Anonymous
Use mayo instead of butter when you make a grilled cheese. Trust me.- Jack from Port Richmond in Philadelphia, PA
Nobody gives a shit about the Cinco de Oil.- Chris from Girard Estates in South Philly

Fans of Both

The best quotes from people who love oil.

Even when limiting the discussion to hoagies, one cannot just say one or the other. A roast beef hoagie or turkey hoagie get mayonnaise, and Italian hoagie gets oil.- Vicki from West Norriton, PA
Direct quote from my Mom on this subject. "It depends on if you're eating a hoagie or a sandwich. You put oil on a hoagie, you out mayo on a sandwich and if at any point mayo gets on your hoagie it becomes a sandwich and vice versa"- Jason from Berlin, NJ

Why So Serious?

This dude just went so deep on this question:

Look, I love mayo. Love it. Put it on a lot of stuff. Some stuff that would turn heads and provoke gag reflexes. But you can't make mayo without oil. So, oil is better, but only by necessity. It's like asking, "which is better, math or physics?" You can't do physics without math. So, math is necessarily better. Same with mayo and oil.- James from Cincinnati, OH

Got an opinion on oil vs mayo? Let us know by using the Contact Form. Fun and interesting answers will be read on future episodes of the podcast. Want to listen to more food debates? Check out the Versus Category.

Podcast Show Notes: Links and References

Which spread do you prefer on your hoagie?

Comcis give their pros and cons to oil vs mayo, then react to audience opinions on the topic. Read about the episode or listen now.

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