Philadelphia Versus New York City

Episode 98 | Nov 14, 2017

Comedians and podcasters come together for a furious debate on which East Coast city reigns supreme.

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NYC vs Philly is a debate that can rage on forever. Both citizens think their city is the best. Philly feels like the one with more to prove, and the fans of the podcast came in droves to help out. Lucky for us we have a New York fan on the panel. Listen to him defend the Big Apple against the City of Brotherly Love. Use the player to hear the podcast, or continue reading for the show notes.

Full Belly Laughs Podcast Episode 98 Show Notes

It is a true delight to have Christian Mangual on the podcast. He defends his bad opinions with such vigor you almost want to believe him. Dr. Timaree can't contain herself as Christian talks about his love for New Yorker and his hatred for peanut butter. Greg and Brian just sit back and throw in a few comments here and there as the hilarious ensues. The debate heats up as Brian starts to read comments from the listeners on the topic: NYC vs Philly.

NYC vs Philly Recap

Here are some of the best responses to this topic from our poll.

Fans of New York

If you love the city that never sleeps, you'll probably agree with some of these people:

Being Philly born but raised in NYC, it's NYC by a mile. Philly has infinitely better cheese steaks though. That's not even a contest worth mentioning. But any food stuffs you can get in Philly, can be outdone in NYC. There are just more things to do there. and usually better options of them. museums, food, events. even street performers go there to take a crack at some fame on our subways. Hell, transit is even better and cheaper in NYC. Our trains don't ever stop running. nothing ever truly closes. I could go on for days. but at the same time, I think Philly's sports fans are some of the best on earth. we're hateful as f*** but also loyal as f*** and real as f***. - AnonymousNYC is a steak cooked & seasoned to perfection by a gourmet chef. Philly is the off-off-brand hamburger that you find in the occasionally-working refrigerators in the back of Dollar Tree, microwaved by a perpetual out-of-shape bachelor in a shared studio apartment that reeks of cat piss and failed dreams. NYC by far. By FAR. - Mike from Fairmount in Philadelphia, PA

Fans of Philadephia

After reading these comments, you'll know which city is the best jawn.

Philadelphia. It doesn’t smell AS bad and people are slightly less rude. Also Flyers/Sixers/Eagles/Phillies are good and all NY sports teams SUCK. - Mike from the Doom Thugs PodcastBorn and raised in Philly, went to college in NYC. Philly is better in just about every way. People are nicer (if you understand that giving someone shit is an expression of familiarity), everything is cheaper, food is better. You can’t get a good sandwich in NYC at all, and it costs the same to rent a 1BR in Brooklyn as it does a 3 story row-home in South Philly. NYC has more subway lines but they’re usually not running on time and they smell way worse than anything on Septa. Plus no one in the history of ever has bragged about living in Philly as a badge of honor, which is probably the most annoying thing about NYC. - Marissa from South Philly.

Got opinions on the NYC vs Philly debate? Be sure to drop us a line using social media or our Contact Form. We'd love to hear what you think. Interesting and funny opinions will be read on a future episode. If you want to hear more about the comedy scene between New York and Philadelphia, check out this previous episode of the podcast.

Podcast Show Notes: Links and References

Comedians and podcasters come together for a furious debate on which East Coast city reigns supreme.

Comedians and podcasters weigh the pros and cons of NYC vs its red-headed stepchild Philadelpha. Discover which city is best.

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