Milkshakes vs Smoothies

Episode 87 | Aug 29, 2017

We find out which mixed cold drink is the most popular.

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Milkshakes vs smoothies is a question of dairy. Do you want ice cream or nah? For most people this is a simple question. That said we dig deep into this topic and learn a thing or two about ourselves. Use the player above to listen to the full episode. Read ahead for the show notes and highlights from this episode of the Full Belly Laughs podcast.

Guests on Full Belly Laughs Podcast Episode 87

This episode features three of the amazing talents from Quest for Magic and Steele. It's a Dungeons & Dragons podcast, but even if you don't like D&D it's a lot of fun. Each member of the show does fantastic character work. If you enjoy improv shows, it's worth checking out.

Milkshakes vs Smoothies Show Notes

The group split down the middle: half in favor of milkshake and the other half in favor of smoothies. After much debate we all learned to love both. The most important revelation was how time of day factored into the decision. As a group we agreed that you want to start your day with a smoothie, but finish strong with a milkshake.But don't take our word for it. Here's some choice quotes from fans of the show.

Milkshake Lovers

Milkshakes all day every day for these peeps.

Simple. Milkshakes are delicious, creamy, sweet and awesome. Smoothies are a bullshit way to trick yourself into eating fruit.- Steven from CA
Milkshakes! Smoothies are a trap. You think you're making the healthier choice getting a smoothie but in reality you're getting all the sugar with none of the ice creamy goodness. Smoothies are just shittier milkshakes, make the right choice.- Alex from Magnolia, NJ
Milkshakes because they taste better. I drink smoothies all the time, and I only use fibrous, fresh fruit without adding sugar to ensure it's healthy. But every time I drink one, I die a little inside, because what I really wanted was a milkshake.- Joshua from Norristown, PA
Burger, fries and smoothie? I don't think so.- Jack from Port Richmond in Philadelphia, PA
Since milkshakes can bring the boys to the yard it is therefore far superior- Tariem from West Philly

Smoothie People

Smoothie fans are a shady bunch.

Has to be smoothies. The fruit base is just more delicious (to me) than the ice cream base of a milk shake. Shakes make me feel miserable after drinking them where as the smoothie just feels less filling.- Anonymouus

Do you have an opinion on milkshakes vs smoothies? Let us know by reaching out through our Contact Form. Fun, hilarious, and interesting answers will be read on a future episode of the Full Belly Laughs podcast.

Podcast Show Notes: Links and References

We find out which mixed cold drink is the most popular.

Members of the Quest for Magic and Steele Podcast help us determine the pros and cons of milkshakes versus smoothies.

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