Which Juice is Best?

Episode 88 | Sep 5, 2017

The definitive list of the best juices.

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What are the best juices? Is it a matter of taste? Yes, because we don't care about health benefits. Bonus points if a juice facilitates a healthy lifestyle, but it's not the only factor. Our primary directive is enjoying that sweet (or savory) juice.Use the audio player above to listen to the podcast. We rank the best juices, joke around, and end the day with some board games. If you can't play the podcast, check out the show notes below for some highlights.

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Episode 88 Show Notes

The gang can't stay on topic. Taken by the whirlwind of interesting conversation the comedians on this episode riff, rant, and rave about various things. Finally the dust settles and they chat about which juice is the best. In the top tier of best juices pineapple, pomegranate, and tomato receive high honors. These juices are the top in their respective classes: sweet, tart, and savory.But don't take our word for it!

Listen Comments on Best Juices

As always listeners chimed in with their thoughts on the best juice. Besides many jpegs and gifs about OJ Simpson, people did actually write in which juices they enjoy drinking.


The best savory juice is tomato. The only debate: what's the best tomato juice? Mike from the Doom Thugs Podcast wages it's the most popular brand at the top:

V8 because you can chug a glass and get your vegetable servings for the day and then just eat candy and pizza the rest of the day.


Trusty, old orange juice comes in hot on our countdown. It's no pineapple, but a lot of people love it. Take comedian Ryan Shaner's perfect response to our question:

Orange ... there is no "why" needed


When you start to age, you lose your ability to identity great juices. Most of our older fans voted grape as one of the best juices. We'll give Jack from Port Richmond a pass on this reasoning:

Grape. Better than V8 for a hangover. Especially with vodka.


Another fan favorite. The guests on the show didn't rank this as high, but it's still a solid juice. As Josh from Pennsburg puts it:

Grapefruit Juice. So sour and bad it goes full circle around to good


At least some of our listeners voted for the obvious choice. Pineapple juice is for sure on the list of best juices. Fun fact: pineapple is a key ingredient in spectacular hot sauces. It's also good for you. What? I didn't say that, but Quentin in Newbold did:

... Pineapple Juice. Tastes great and it's really good for you.

The Literal Best Juice

Thank you for reading until the end of this post. At the end of the day all the above juices are legit, but none of them compare to this bad boy:As Mike from Fairmount so elaquantly put it, "No content."

Got a juice you want to tell us about? Head on over to our Contact Form. Fun and interesting answers will be read on future episodes of the podcast.

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