Meat vs Cheese: Which is Better?

Episode 72 | May 16, 2017

Which animal product reigns supreme?

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There is no debate like meat vs cheese. Would you rather your protein be dairy or flesh? It's a hard choice, and people got opinions on the matter. Use the player above to listen to the podcast episode on this topic. Comedians weigh in on th discussion and respond to audience comments on the meat vs cheese debate.If you can't listen at this time, jump ahead to the summary of the episode.

Guests on the Podcast

A small gathering with only two guests this week.Follow our guests on Social Media:

Meat vs Cheese

We ran a Meat vs Cheese poll and went through some of the best opinions from our fans. Here are the highlights that we discussed on the podcast:

People That Prefer Meat

Some of our favorite arguments on why meat is better.

Meat. Cheese takes longer to digest and clogs up your intestines.- Gene from Bella Vista in Philadelphia, PA
Meat! Meat is always the main course and cheese is at best an appetizer. Don't get me wrong, love me some cheese but if the choice is between an amazing ribeye steak or some fancy cheese...steak wins.- Alex from Magnolia, NJ
Meat. Bacon is a meat, not a cheese.- Mike from Chesterbrook, PA
If you've ever enjoyed a world-class steak or BBQ (the kind you find in Austin, Texas for example) this is a no brainer. If you had to remove one from your life entirely, it would have to be cheese (even though that would be a painful choice). TLDR: Meat.- Kevin from Redmond, WA
Meat is just various parts of the cow cooked up. Cheese is the byproduct of some sick fuck who decided to squeeze the dangly bits under the cow(or goat or any other other animal you can milk) then let that harden and become moldy and then ate it. Cheese is one of the only good things that ever came from a "dude hold my beer" moment. Definitely meat but I don't turn down cheeseburgers- Jason from Berlin, NJ

People that Prefer Cheese

Some of our favorite arguments on why cheese is better.

To paraphrase, cheese will get you through a time of no meat better than meat will get you through a time of no cheese.- Jack from Port Richmond in Philadelphia, PA
Cheese please. I could live without meat, I would suffer without cheese.- Merri from Bala Cynwyd PA
Meat is improved with the addition of cheese. Cheese is rarely improved with the addition of meat. Also, there's no such thing as cheese sweats.- Marissa from Girard Estates in Philadelphia, PA
Cheese! Cheese is not only good by itself but vastly improves nigh infinite amounts of other meals. A cheesburger is better than a plain ol' hamburger. A cheesesteak is better than a plain ol' steak. A ham sandwich is inferior to a ham and cheese sandwich. Cheese isn't a meal though, I feel like this question is a false equivalence. A chicken alone can be considered a meal, and chunk o cheese wouldn't be. I still vote cheese.- Eamon from Kensington in Philadelphia, PA
Meat has a lower ceiling on quality of flavor w/o the help of sauce or spices (ie chicken vs fried chicken, etc). Cheese goes far on it's own, i've never had to squeeze lemon on cheese.- Matt from South Philly


In the end the panel of comedians on the show leaned towards cheese. Cecily already gave up both meat and cheese, but says she misses cheese the most. Matt agrees that cheese is the stronger food group. As for myself I tend to agree. I would miss cheese way more than meat.

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Which animal product reigns supreme?

Comedians debate the pros and cons of meat versus cheese, then respond to audience opinions on the topic. Listen to it now.

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