Leftovers: Anna Goldfarb Reveals Trending Food Topics

Episode 18 | Jun 5, 2016

Hot goss about what’s trending in the world of food blogging.

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Trending food topics peak everyone's interest. People want to know what everyone thinks about food. Whether for joy or necessity, it's something most of us consume everyday. Like anything people have opinions, and on this behind-the-scenes episode we dive into the trending food topics covered by Anna Goldfarb.

Trending Food Topics

Anna Goldfarb answers all the questions from Drew Castellano and Matt Haggerty about trending food topics. She enlightens the boys on the debate surrounding babies in bars. Some parents bring their child to the bar. Is this a cool thing to do? Is it rude? Where do you stand? Listen to the episode to hear our reactions.The trending food topics don't stop there. Anna also gives a preview about her power ranking of Wawa items. Everyone chimes in on what they think makes the top tier. To learn more about why we believe certain Wawa items rule or suck, listen to this episode.

The Voices

All the people heard on this episode.

Anna Goldfarb

Drew Castellano

Matt Haggerty

Reverse Continue Shopping

On the full length episodes of the podcast, we play a game to close the show called Continue Shopping. In this week of Leftovers we play a game with the listeners: Reverse Continue Shopping. How this works is we selected a DVD on Amazon, then we list the top 15 DVDs purchased with that movie. Your job is to name the DVD we selected on Amazon based on the following list of "Also Purchased With" items:

List of "Also Purchased With" DVDs:

  1. Draft Day
  2. 42: The Jackie Robinson Story
  3. Trouble with the Curve
  4. Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game
  5. For Love of the Game
  6. The Natural
  7. 61*
  8. Bull Durham
  9. Field of Dreams
  10. Eight Men Out
  11. Million Dollar Arm
  12. Major League
  13. The Social Network
  14. A League of their Own
  15. The Rookie

That's the list! Comment below if you think you know the answer. The correct answer and winners will be announced on next week's episode of Leftovers.

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