Comedians Discuss What Kids Really Do in School

Episode 25 | Jun 28, 2016

Let's face it your child isn't always going to class ... because we didn't either.

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School is something everyone has an opinion on. It's an institution that each American can't avoid. Whether you're a parent, a student, or an employee of the school system you've got something to say.

School "Teaches" You Things

Comedians Chris Stenta and Brian Finnell join host Brian Durkin for a discussion about school. They chat about vocational school and college experiences. Is your honor student on drugs? Probably. At least according to these guys. If your student plays Lacrosse, then that kid definitely smokes weed.

Meet the Jokers

Brian Durkin with Chris Stenta and Brian Finnell

Chris Stenta

Brian Finnell

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

On this episode, we played the classic board game Guess Who. But we added a twist: players CAN NOT ask questions about physical appearance. Examples include, "Does your person hoard coupons?" or "Would your person vote for Donald Trump?"This twist on the game keeps players on their toes. It's also a great way for the comedians to showcase their funny insights. Chris and Brian asked some brilliant questions. Check out what they said by listening to the episode above. Trying playing at home and see how well you do.

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Thank you once again to Chris and Brian. See you Sunday for some Leftovers.

Podcast Show Notes: Links and References

Let's face it your child isn't always going to class ... because we didn't either.

Comics discuss how they used to circumvent parents and authorities as youths. Read about it or listen to the episode now.

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