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Episode 49 | Dec 6, 2016

Live performance of the podcast recorded at the Philly Improv Theater.

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Happy work commutes are easy so long as your commute isn't long, boring, or life draining. Also if you love to work, then commuting rules. Doesn't everyone love getting to the office as fast as possible and alphabetizing domestic mail? There are a select few people out there that don't have amazing commutes. It is quite astonishing, considering pretty much everyone loves going to work. These bizarre humans that don't like going to work rely on coping mechanisms to get throw the day. Let's learn about some of the ways they deal.

Distractions Create Happy Work Commutes

Some people have commutes upwards of 2 hours each way. And the worst part is that their boss doesn't give them an air card so they can work while on the train. So many people read a book to distract themselves. This is a great way to stay calm. I know when I'm on the bus without an activity, I just get so excited about going to the office I can't contain myself. Reading a steamy Fabio paperback is a great way to channel some of that energy.For the minority of people that loath going to an office job, they tend to play video games on their phones. Their happy work commutes consist of Pokemon Go and Air Simulators. Since they can't stand their job, they tend to go to fantasy world. Websites tell us that people enjoy playing games with just one hand. This is because these people are lazy and can't even with two-handed mobile games.

Help These Butt Hurt Commuters See the Light

For starters lean over their shoulder and find out what game they're playing. It's best to understand more about the mark before you go in. Once you have this crucial intel, you can help correct their ways. A classic move would be to point and laugh at their nerdy pastime. Shame them for wanting to escape life, and keep talking about how much you love your amazing job. But not everyone has this sort of zeal. The next best solution is starting a loud, passive aggressive conversation to no one. Say things like, "Ugh. These mobile games are such a pathetic crutch for the lazy." Stuff like that will definitely get these people to love their jobs more.

The Polls

According to the research, about 50% feel satisfied with their commute. That means 4 out of 5 workers are lying about their commute satisfaction. Why are they hiding their happy work commutes? It's simple: you can't trust research. Just look at the polls for the 2016 presidential election. Everybody was way off. So it's clear that this study is half right. Maybe someday soon we'll be able to capture that missing 40%+ that also love their commute and their job.

How to Obtain a Happy Work Commute

The best solution to a butt ass commute is to focus your energy. If you hate the journey, then start to love the destination. Yes driving hours upon hours to a White Castle is brutal, but then you get White Castle. This is a dilemma for that minority of folks that hate their commute: they are going to White Castle.Our advice to turn that frown upside down is to have fun with your terrible situation. You hate your job. Your commute is garbage. And most of all you see no meaning in life. On the bright side, with nothing to live for anymore you can do whatever you want. Why fret about consequences when you believe life is meaningless? This realization has been liberating for many folks. We would link to a study, but what's the point. We already established you can't trust polls.

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We do this podcast Live at PHIT every first Thursday of the month. On this show we gave away a Chromecast. Plenty of fun times and great prizes in store for future audiences, so come on out to a show.

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Live performance of the podcast recorded at the Philly Improv Theater.

Back at it again with a live recording from PHIT, and back at it again on the topic of happy work commutes. Take a listen now.

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