Funny Food Names

Episode 70 | May 2, 2017

For some reason people thought these silly names were appetizing.

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17 Funny Food Names

Thank you to all the listeners that submitted to the polls and suggested these names. They are all hilarious.

1) Blood Sausage

I feel like it's cheesy and queasy all in one. And call it red sausage, crimson sausage, plasma sausage ... anything but "blood" sausage. - Gabriel from Northern Liberties in Philadelphia, PA

I don't know if I agree with Gabriel on the plasma sausage, but blood is a bit off-putting.

2) Rocky Mountain Oysters

The name feels very dishonest, just come out and say you like sheep testicles. - Steve from Northeast Philly

Just call them balls. We are all adults.

3) Bolognese

Because if it ain't Oscar Mayer, you fell me? - Ryan from Cobbs Creek in Philadelphia, PA

This sounds like a sauce, but it's just a bottom tier meat. It's the well liquor of lunch protein. But it does sound funny and the spelling makes no sense to an ignorant American.

4) Aioli

The aioli is dumb stupid. It looks like it should be pronounced "al-oy" but it's not! [My friend] has to always remind me how to say it! - Ashley from Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia, PA

A classic recipe to make the funny food names list: unintuitive spelling. I remember starting at labels for days trying to find aioli. We had some the whole time. My vision of the spelling and the reality were far off.

5) Ambrosia

Because the food itself is disgusting. - Teresa from Newbold in Philadelphia, PA

Never tried it, but maybe I will with such a glowing endorsement. This is a funny sounding food. The required accent to pronounce this item intimidates me. That's why I never had the pleasure of tasting it. I don't order what I can't say out loud.

6) Gravlax

It sounds like the name of an evil cyborg. - Alyssa from Lower Moyamensing in Philadelphia, PA

Yeah this dish could totally be the villain in the next Avengers movie.

7) Gnocchi

Because I don't know how to pronounce it. - Ryan from Straight Outta Croydon, PA

This makes my personal funny food names list because I can't say it without thinking about Limp Bizkit.

8) Scrapple

It has the word CRAP in it. I stole that for P&S this morning, not gonna lie. - Alex from Magnolia, NJ

Scrapple is a Philly classic. It's up there with cheesestakes and Tastycackes. The only difference is that it's a creamy grey meat product. I wonder why it never caught on?

9) Gyro

It has like 85 different pronunciations, all of which are wrong. - Mike from Fairmount in Philadelphia, PA

Good thing this is not a TEDtalk. I would for sure not pronounce "gyro" the right way. I might even switch pronunciations midway through my lecture.

10) Sh*t on a Shingle

Being a huge fan of creamed chipped beef, I have been disappointed to see it on a recent breakfast menu as SOS. I do understand the origin of calling it s**t on a shingle... but c'mon. - Vicki from West Norriton, PA

Sending out an SOS. I need help understanding how this name caught on. When the harshest word for poop describes a food item, it's real dumb. But for sure hilarious.

11) Calamari

When I was nine I was lied to by my parents. I said "what is this?" Mom said "it's calamari". I said "what's calamari?". Dad said, "don't worry about it." I ate it and enjoyed it, but that joy was fleeting as I was told later by a douche canoe cousin that calamari is squid. The betrayal by my parents was unforgivable. They're divorced now. - Chris from Girard Estates in Philadelphia, PA

Amen. I too tried calamari for the first time without realizing it was squid. For some reason suburbanites love this trick. That person's name is Erin or Frank, and Bertucci's has them as a persona in their marketing department.

12) Croissant

Croissant especially when people pronounce it properly. In my mind it's cross-zant + not Cwah-san. - Sarah from Center City in Philadelphia, PA

This is the quintessential item on the funny food names list. The word does not help you understand the item. Mispronouncing it happens all the time. And saying it wrong is fun too!

13) Sherbet

Nobody can say it properly. It is NOT sher-beRt!- Kevin from Redmond, WA

I legit can not say this word right. I always add the "bert". It might be a Delco thing. Either way my own ignorance helped propel this word to the funny food names list.

14) Borscht

It sound like a contagious disease. - Dave from South Jersey

Never had it, and not looking to catch it either.

15) Wet Bottom Pie

It takes me back to a park bench I'd rather forget. - Nicholas from East Passyunk in Philadelphia, PA

What were they thinking when they named this? Nothing makes me salivate like a wet bottom. Yeah that sounded as gross in my head as writing it out.

16) Sweet Breads

It is VERY misleading. - Michael from South Philly

From the name alone sweet breads should taste how it sounds. If Michael says otherwise, then this food item is a real bait and switch. And for sure a terrible name for this food.

17) Pu Pu Platter

Nuff Said. - David from Glassboro, NJ

Yeah that pretty much sums it up.

More Funny Food Names

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For some reason people thought these silly names were appetizing.

We run down a listener generated list of funny food names, and discuss whether or not we would try these dishes. Listen now.

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