Live from the "Everything is Awesome" Podiversary

Episode 58 | Feb 7, 2017

Live performance of the podcast recorded at Tattooed Mom

Listen to Full Belly Laughs Episode 58

Use the audio player below to enjoy Full Belly Laughs Podcast Episode 58: Live from the "Everything is Awesome" Podiversary.

It was a blast to perform on the Everything is Awesome Podiversary show. Everything is Awesome is a fantastic podcast located in the Greater Philadelphia area. We consider them one of the funnest shows around, and we were so happy to join them in the celebration. Click the links above to download the full episode, or click play to listen in your browser.

The Guests on FBL at The Everything is Awesome Podiversary

Besides host Brian Durkin, here are the comedians you heard on the episode.

Xtina Kro

She's been around the country telling hilarious jokes and stories. Keep tabs on here with a quick follow on Twitter.

Kyle Harris

He also does things. One of those things is hosting Philly Comedy Attic at The Raven Lounge every Thursday night. You can follow him on Twitter as well.

Garrett Smith

He does things too. He has an amazing Philly-based podcast called "I Like to Movie Movie". You should totally check that out, and follow him on Twitter. You just followed everyone else, so it's only fair.

Everything is Awesome Podcast

When most of the shows on The Radio Network closed up shop, Kev was thinking of a new idea for a podcast. That would be the Kevin from Everything is Awesome. And the rest as you know is sort of history. If you would like the gaps filled, then check out the About Page for his podcast.The podcast is based in the Philly area, and Kevin is a card holding member of the Philadelphia Podcasting Society. I got one of those snazzy jawns too. You know Full Belly Laughs is in the society as well. Don't even play.

Shout Out to The Sponsors

A bunch of cool Philly local businesses supported the Everything is Awesome Podiversary. Here's all you need to know:

  • Fireball Printing - They're the best printer in Philly. We use them for our materials.
  • SpareMin - The easiest way to create and share micro-podcasts.
  • Tattooed Mom - Great bar on South Street in Philly. Big supporter of arts, including comedy.
  • Bridgeset Sound - Great for all your music and sound needs. Located right on South Street in Philadelphia.
  • Tellest - The world is in your hands with this cool local jawn.

The Everything is Awesome Podiversary also received a sponsorship from Fuck Cancer. That's a real organization, and that's really their name. They are dedicated to eliminating cancer, as opposed to procreating with it.

Podcast Show Notes: Links and References

Live performance of the podcast recorded at Tattooed Mom

Full Belly Laughs comes to you live from The Everything Is Awesome Podiversary Festival. Listen to this hilarious episode now.

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