How Do You Define Brunch?

Episode 57 | Jan 31, 2017

What qualifies as something special or just breakfast?

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Can you define brunch? In case you can't, here's the definition when you Google it.


/brən(t)SH/nouna late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch.

That doesn't tell us much. And quite frankly I don't even know if I agree with the little bit that is here. That's why today on the podcast we set out to set some rules on what qualifies as brunch.

How We Define Brunch

After a thorough discussion on how to define brunch, we landed on the following key factors.

Time of Day

According to the Google definition, brunch should replace breakfast or lunch. I wouldn't go that far. If you're feeling ravenous, by all means enjoy brunch then a savory breakfast for lunch. But the fact that brunch should replace one of the first two major meals, and not dinner, is important. You can't be eating brunch when it's dark out. Plain and simple.The appropriate hours for brunch fall between 10:30 am and 3:30 pm. This range was a compromise. An honest brunch is probably between 11 am and 2 pm, but I'm not one to hate on people with alternative schedules. Maybe you're a late riser or early worm. But remember, you need sunlight for brunch.

Day of the Week

Brunch is closest to breakfast, so how do we tell apart the difference between to the two meals. Most people would agree that brunch is a treat. It's decadent. Something to be enjoyed on occasion, with the luxury of time behind your sails. Therefore you can't eat brunch on business days. Monday through Friday a restaurant serves breakfast. But on Saturday and Sunday it becomes brunch.It doesn't matter if you work an nontraditional job. Part of the brunch experience is waiting too long for your first meal of the day. If you go to a diner on a Wednesday and sit down right away, that's just breakfast. You need to deal with a crowd, or have just beaten it.

Type of Food

Brunch needs to be the first meal of the day, so it also needs to include breakfast food. You can't just order a burger at 11 am on a Sunday and call it brunch. Now if you put a fried egg on top, then ta-da. You are now brunching. But it most be a definitive breakfast item. Hash browns don't count. That's not special enough over French fries or tatter tots. Any breakfast food that could be a meal by themselves will convert a lunch dish into brunch. Panera Bread would serve brunch if you could trade out the soup and panini for oatmeal and a panini made with waffles.

Number in Your Party

You are a strong, powerful person. You can do anything. Except eat brunch alone. That's just breakfast.You need a least a lover, friend, or family member to join you (during the right day/time) for it to count. If you don't have a date and you want your meal to count as brunch, we suggest picking someone up. Ask to join someone else's table. You could also order a brunch friend off of Craigslist. And eating at the bar is cheating. If it's a gastropub or a diner with a counter, sitting their next to strangers does not turn your meal into brunch. Sorry, but nice try.

Must Travel

You can cook your friends and mate breakfast, but you go out for brunch. The simple act of getting yourself out of your home and spending dinner money on breakfast makes it brunch. Sometimes you just want a big breakfast. And that's cool. But a big breakfast on the weekend doesn't equal brunch. Someone has to wait on you. Pants need to be worn.

How Do You Define Brunch?

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What qualifies as something special or just breakfast?

A group of comedians discuss the ins and outs of what qualifies as brunch. Read their pointers or listen to the full discussion now.

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