Beer vs Wine

Episode 59 | Feb 14, 2017

Which alcoholic beverage is better?

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Beer vs Wine is an age old debate. It really doesn't matter about maintaining a good body. If you're drinking alcohol, you accept the possibility of a belly. Studies show that wine is healthy, and even beer has healthy benefits. So the difference between beer and wine is really a personal preference. So what tips the scales in the the battle of beer vs wine?

Beer vs Wine

There are many key factors at play for why someone would choose one over the other. When it comes to beer vs wine, the drinker must consider many different factors.


Many people complain about the hangovers from crappy beer, but not all beer is crappy. Cheap wine can do a number on your noggin. Plus with the smooth taste of wine, it's easy to pound more of it. There's no avoiding the fact that the bubbles in beer slow you down.


Wine comes from grapes. Grapes are used to make juice. You drink juice as a kid. Ta-da! You sip wine to bring back fond memories of your sippy cup. Then again the cool crisp taste of hops and malt can remind you of the school playground, when you had your first sip of beer.


Beer offers a wide range of tastes. And wine can go toe-to-toe in the variety department. This really comes down to what type of nerd you want to be. Whether your nuts about Star Trek or Star Wars, you're still someone that sometimes forgets to wear deodorant.


Sipping a glass of Pinot just doesn't feel right at the Phillies game. Much like cracking open a Miller Lite pounder at a Steven Starr restaurant also just feels wrong. But not everyone likes both of those activities. Your drink choice probably reflects the types of things you like to do.


If you're addicted to drinking booze, it's really not going to matter the form. If someone hands you a glass of wine or a can of beer, you will drink it. Similar to the cigarette smoker, with a large enough craving you don't care if it's Menthol or PBR. Just give me my fix.

What Do the People Think?

We ran a poll to help us decide this debate. Turns out that people love beer 2-to-1 compared to wine.

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Meet the Guests

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Malakiah Ayres

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Steve Norris

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Marrisa Edelman

She's in a fantastic sketch duo with her brother called The Amazing Flying Edelmen. If you want to follow Marissa, I hope you like restraining orders. She likes to play things close to the chest, so no social media links for you.

Thank You!!!

This past week we celebrated our one year anniversary of the podcast. If you include some bonus episodes, this is the 59th episode of Full Belly Laughs. It's been an amazing year. Thank you so much for tuning in. You could have done anything with your time, but you chose to spend some of it with us. And we greatly appreciate that. Best wishes. We look forward to another year of providing you with awesome Philly comedy.

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Which alcoholic beverage is better?

Comics discuss the pros and cons of beer versus wine, and react to listener feedback on this question. Listen or read all about it.

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