You Eat Breakfast!?

Episode 122 | May 1, 2018

How to maintain a routine of eating breakfast.

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It's tough making time to eat breakfast. I struggle with it myself, so I asked some funny friends of mine how they make I start my days right. After all it's the most important meal you'll eat all day.

Full Belly Laughs Podcast Episode 122 Show Notes

Host Brian Durkin is in a pickle: do wants to eat breakfast, and preferably not vegetables that sit in a brine. It's tough to shop for high quality breakfasts. After last week's episode, Brian came to the conclusion that breakfast sandwiches every morning are not the way to go. That said not eating is not any better. Struggling to find a new solution on how to eat breakfast, Brian recruited some funny friends to give him advice.

How to Eat Breakfast

Ideally you want to use your mouth. Jajajajaja.In all seriousness the following tips will help make sure you don't mess up your morning routine, and you'll always have time to eat breakfast.

Meal Prep

If you can make your breakfast the night before, then you're ahead of the game. Overnight Oats are the bomb for this. Host Brian Durkin is back on the oats train because they are awesome for the busy professional. When you're short on time to get out the door in the morning, find that time at night before you go to bed.


Just like meal prepping dinners and lunches for the week, planning the same thing helps reduce cognitive load. If you know you can't get into the shower until you have a bowl of cereal, then you'll eventually think it's weird to hop straight into the shower without eating. Of course this assumes you don't snooze your alarm into oblivion. That said building breakfast into the same time each morning will not only be good for your body, but also not letting it slip out of the routine.

Keep it Simple

The weekend is for brunch and epic breakfasts. Between kids, school, and work nobody is actually making eggs and bacon on a Tuesday morning. You need to eat breakfast, but the faster way to skip that meal is thinking of it as a production. Remember that breakfast could be a simple as leftovers from the night before. If you already packed your lunch, then this is a good way to make sure the leftovers don't go to waste. It's also the simplest way to solve the "what do I eat problem?"


When it doubt keep fruit in the house. This might not be the most hefty breakfast that holds you over to lunch, but it will get the juices going. It's better than skipping the meal, and it's legit good for you.

Reduce Cognitive Load

We mentioned it earlier but the best way to remember to eat breakfast is if you don't have to think about it. The more you can do to not make this a hard decision the easier. It's the morning, you have to be out the door, and you need to use your brain at school or work. The last thing you want to do is have an early decision in the morning make you think. Try to live the AM on autopilot. It will pay off in more ways than just remembering to eat breakfast.Other places you can apply this to your morning routine:

  • Lay out your outfit the night before
  • Pack a lunch the night before
  • Always do your steps in order (i.e. I shower, eat, then get dressed)
  • Download podcasts or music playlists ahead of time

Do you have any pro tips on how to make your mornings and breakfast more efficient and reliable? Drop us a line by using the Contact Form.

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How to maintain a routine of eating breakfast.

On this episode of the podcast we chat about ways to make sure you make time for the most important meal of the day. Listen now.

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