Breakfast Sandwiches vs Clean Eating

Episode 121 | Apr 24, 2018

Is it possible to enjoy breakfast sandwiches when you want to eat clean?

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It's hard find a clean eating breakfast sandwich. At the end of the day it feels like they're at odds with each other. On this episode we celebrate our favorite breakfast sandwiches, but also take some time to discuss if we should really be eating breakfast sandwiches at all.

Full Belly Laughs Podcast Episode 121 Show Notes

On this episode we cover breakfast sandwiches from all angles. Host Brian Durkin kicks off the show with a tribute to all things awesome about breakfast sandwiches. Several fans of the podcast write in about their favorites, including how to order them and where. Brian weighs in on which tips are fresh and which tips are butt. Within the first fifteen minutes of the show, the listener will have a comprehensive do's and don'ts of ordering breakfast sandwiches.When Brian chats with guests Megan Goetz and Jessa Reed, the discussion takes a turn. They reveal that in adulthood they couldn't keep up the breakfast sandwich regiment. They love the taste, but at the end of the day it's not worth the toll it takes on their systems. Whether it's needing a nap, feeling bloated, or trapped in the bathroom the sandwich just isn't worth it anymore. The guests and host discuss ways they try to eat clean and watch out for the breakfast sandwich traps.

Podcast Show Notes: Links and References

Is it possible to enjoy breakfast sandwiches when you want to eat clean?

Jessa Reed returns to the pod to join Megan Goetz and Brian Durkin on a conversation about breakfast sandwichs and clean eating.

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