Comedians Teach the Best Practices for Gift Giving

Episode 36 | Sep 6, 2016

Learn how to give gifts that people will adore with these helpful tips.

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Gift giving is an art. You need a gift or collection of gifts that the recipient will enjoy, but also avoid anyone feeling inadequate by over doing it. Unless you want to be the best, then totally just out do everyone at the party with your baller gift.

Gift Giving with Comedians

Comedians Kathryn Wassernaem, Brandon T. Gorin, and Molly Hanulec join host Brian Durkin for a live episode of the podcast from the Philly Improv Theater. On the live show we give out prizes to a lucky audience member, and this time the guests really demonstrated their skills at the art of giving gifts. Multiple DVDs, a stuffed animal, and a blow-up doll are just some of the amazing things one lucky audience member won on this episode.After discussing our prizes and throwing Sweet Tarts at the audience, the gang played Scattergories. Usual rules except only one player can earn points in each category, so the audience voted on who wrote the best answer each round. We closed with one awesome round of Guess Who

The Funny People

Here's the comedians writing down their answers to Scattergories behind a wall of prizes. Here's all the people's you heard on the show:

Kathryn Wassernaem

Brandon T. Gorin

Molly Hanulec

  • Please support Molly's Kickstarter for the movie "Secret Lover: A Rock & Roll Musical"

Sweet Tarts

On stage we ate Sweet Tarts. They're a candy that is worth having once in your life for sure. Also we shared the love by throwing packs of Sweet Tarts at the audience. We're so good at giving gifts, you guys.

Doing It Live

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