Comedians Discuss Pokemon Go and More Pokemon Go

Episode 30 | Jul 26, 2016

It's the app that's taking over the world!

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Pokemon Go is a thing. If you don't know about it, go Google it or ask your grandchild. Since it swept the nation, nay the world, comedians need to talk about it.

It's a Pokemon Go World

Comedians Ari Fishbein, Libby Reindell, and Ronald Metellus join host Brian Durkin for some breakfast sandwiches. Over a delicious round of bacon, egg, and cheeses the gang talks about Pokemon Go. Sure they chat about the DNC in Philly and Republicans and Bernie versus Hillary, but come on. Have you seen Pokemon Go? It's legitness.After the meal everyone played a few rounds of Guess Who. On Full Belly Laughs we don't allow questions about physical appearance. Ari opened up the game with a great question, " Is your character a men's rights activist?"

The Breakfast Sandwich Club

Here's the links for the voices you heard on the show.

Ari Fishbein

Libby Reindell

Ronald Metellus

How to Make a Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich

Buy bacon, eggs, and cheese. Cook bacon to your desired doneness. Google all the various ways you can cook bacon and choose your favorite. Beat a couple of eggs together and pour them into a well-oiled pan. Cook over medium heat and flip to cook the other side. Toast bread then assemble the sandwich with cheese. Eat sooner rather than later.

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Thanks again to all the guests for doing the show. And thank you for listening. You could have done anything with your time, but you decided to read this sentence. We appreciate that. Hopefully you enjoyed listening to the podcast as well.

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