Best Water Ice Flavor

Episode 119 | Apr 10, 2018

Which flavor of wooder ice do you prefer?

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What do you consider the best water ice flavor? Lemon? Cherry? Mango? These are all respectable answers, but there are some hot flavors out there. Did you know about root beer? What about Red Sour Patch Kid or Swedish Fish flavor? All of these and more discussed and the podcast above and in the blog below.

Full Belly Laughs Podcast Episode 119 Show Notes

We start off naming all the classic water ice flavors. Lemon and mango are given their respects, and cherry earns a deserving shout out as well. After taking them off the table we dive into some deeper wooder ice chats. Should you add gelati to the mix? Where is the best place to purchase of these cold and tasty treats? All of these questions and more were answered, with plenty of great recommendations.After the discussion the boys decide to play some board games. Durkin puts the minds to work on an "interesting" Hyperthetical from Chuck Klosterman. After the short-lived debate the gang moves on to three rounds of Guess Who. It's a blast from the past as the podcast celebrates one of its best segments in classic fashion.

Best Water Ice Flavor

There are so many great flavors. All the awesome ones got represented in our polls. Thank you to everybody for participating.

Best Responses

A lot of people, but only a select few really answered the question with amazing prose.

Fans of Mango Water Ice

Alex from Magnolia, NJ first responded with this incredible take:

Mango or strawberry is classic and the best. As far as chocolate flavored or swedish fish/cotton candy/etc...get that shit out of here! Real fruit flavors only or gtfo!

Fans of Cherry Water Ice

Rich from Fishtown chimed in with this insightful message:

Classic red cherry
🍒. It's classic and the first flavor when you think of wooder ice.

David from Point Breeze in South Philly says:

But yeah, Cherry Water Ice, with a side order of spite for the woman above who dare spat upon the good name of Water Ice.

And last but not least Rob from location unknown told us:

Cherry. I also cannot imagine having the rest of my life together enough to the point where I care that it's called "water ice."

Fans of Lemon Water Ice

Samantha from Hamilton, NJ went on to tell us:

Strawberry or lemon. OR the greatest invention ever to water ice, strawberry lemonade!

Marissa from Girard Estates in South Philly said:

If you’re at Rita’s, lemon. If you’re at Pop’s or some other South Philly spot, ginger ale. Both are light and refreshing and not too sweet.

Mike from West Philly really captured an important part of wooder ice with this comment:

Lemon but actual lemon not concentrate lemon. From like dairy bar in Overbrook or Morrone’s in Overbrook or buddy’s in Norristown. Yooooooo.

Erika from South Philly adds to the real flavor sentiment:

After my 6 day water ice tour of South Philly, I concluded that my favorite water ice flavor is lemon, specifically from Dati's homemade water ice on 23rd and Passyunk. Why? Because after speaking with many of the water ice purveyors, I found out that very few of the flavors are actually homemade. At most places it's only the lemon that is homemade.

Real Flavors Matter

Bad water ice uses artificial flavoring. High quality wooder ice will be homemade and use real fruits. Erika and Mike are in tune with what makes great food great: real, authentic ingredients. The more processed and fake the more wack the item. Plain and simple. Sure it might be faster or cheaper to not make it the hard way, but it's so worth it when it comes to taste. I know I'm willing to pay a little extra for some more goodness.

Honorable Mention Flavors

So many crazy flavors out there in the polls. A bunch I had never heard of before. Here's a rundown on flavors to watch when you want to determine the best water ice flavor.

  • Red Sour Patch Kids
  • Swedish Fish
  • Boo-berry
  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Black Cherry Pomegranate

Philly Spots That Serve the Best Water Ice Flavors

Try out Siddiq's Real Fruit Water Ice and D'Emilio's Old World Ice Treats. Both of these places received the most shout outs in our polls. The passionate water ice fanatics of Philadelphia love these joints, so they are worth your attention.

Was there a flavor or establishment you think deserved some attention on this episode? Be sure to drop us a line through the Contact Form. We'll give you a redemption shout out on a future episode.

Podcast Show Notes: Links and References

Which flavor of wooder ice do you prefer?

Philadelphians weigh in on the best spots to get water ice in Philly. Read the list or listen to the full episode for all the details now.

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