2018 Philly Podcast Festival

Episode 132 | Jul 10, 2018

Live performance of the podcast recorded at the Philly Podcast Festival in 2018.

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The 2018 Philly Podcast Festival was a fantastic event. We are always happy to be there. This episode was just to hot to keep behind a paywall. Enjoy it before it goes into the vault. A perfect example of our hilarious live shows.

2018 Philly Podcast Festival

So many great local shows! If you ever want to see some incredible local content, be sure to check out this festival. The fest grows in numbers and talent each year, and the 2018 Philly Podcast Festival was no exception. So many incredible shows including Dissecting the 80s, Black Tribbles, Nerds with Words, and so much more. Be sure to stay on top of all things pod fest in Philly at the official site.

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