Best Super Bowl Food

Episode 109 | Jan 30, 2018

The premier party snacks and foods for a Super Bowl party.

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Bring or make the best Super Bowl food with our handy tips on how to pump the party up. You will need more than DMX to accomplish a turn party up. No one wants to Party Down on Super Bowl Sunday, because that's a TV show people can stream at any time. Click play to listen to our hot tips on all things Super Bowl food, or continue reading for the transcript.

Full Belly Laughs Podcast Episode 109 Show Notes

Megan Goetz and Andy Lane join host Brian Durkin again for board game night. After a month of games they are really feeling themselves, with hilarious references to nights past. They chat about their plans for the Super Bowl and their feelings overall about the sport. In between the hang Brian shares some conversations with them.

Super Bowl Food

Brian sat down with his good friend Alex Colic to discuss how to win at Super Bowl partying. The conversation led to some awesome advice on how to prepare for a Super Bowl party. Needless to say you want to have great food, and they had plenty of suggestions in that department.

Interview with Alex Colic about Super Bowl Food

Below is a transcript of the conversation from the podcast:[Brian]: You get excited for the Super Bowl? You usually throw a party or go to a party?[Alex]: I usually go somewhere. I like the communal social thing. Even though I don’t follow it as closely as I used to when I was younger. I used to care more. I had this d*ckhead epiphany: why should I care about these guys that aren’t from my town, playing for my town, and somehow I need to identify with them. And then I was like, “Oh I’m being a d*ck.” Just enjoy it for what it is. Don’t sh*t on it. I like sports for pure competition. You can be on the top of the world one day, and then you can get hurt and you’re out. Put the new guy in and you’re out. It’s pretty pure. So competition wise I get it. Football is great. I like football. I enjoy it.

Football is a cool sport.

[Brian]: I don’t follow it. My dad and my stepbrother are huge football fans, and my family was big, big, big into football. I’ve always gravitated to other competitions. Instead of watching football on Sunday, I would rather watch Top 8 of a Magic tournament.[Alex]: Sure. That’s a big thing for me too. Why am I going to invest energy in this thing, where I have no influence in the outcome whatsoever. I’m not going to change whether or not they win or lose. And somehow I’m supposed to get satisfaction from what? You’re right. Playing games for me, like Magic and stuff, that kind of fueled my competitive side. And it allowed me to experience a thing where I had control over.[Brian]: For sure. My dad and my step brother grew up playing tons of sports. Even though I don’t really play cards anymore, there is that connection like, “I know what those people are going through, because I’ve been there before.” So there is definitely that.

It’s tough with all the nonsense that’s happened over the years with the Patriots. It’s kind of ruined the integrity of the game for me.

[Alex]: Especially in the day and age we are in now, acting the fool and doing bad things. You are literally being abusive. How do we get by that? How do we get past all that stuff? It is a fine line to walk. And that’s why I don’t pay a whole lot of attention. And when the big thing happens it’s fun to check in.[Brian]: Yeah. When the Eagles are doing well, I like to hear that. I’m not dedicated though. Before I was the kind of person that would make sure that at least football was on in the background while I do homework. Now I’m just tuned out. When the Patriots were under fire for cheating, and they just had to pay a fine, that just felt like it was worth every day.

To me that proved you should for sure cheat. There’s really no penalty.

[Alex]: Belichick is the champ of the cheats, right?[Brian]: Yeah.[Alex]: I don’t know.

As far as the whole flatted or deflated, I don’t know what kind of advantage that is.

[Brian]: For me it was more oh not a surprise it was the same team we had problems with before. I’m a little sour too, because that’s who the Eagles lost to in the Super Bowl last time there were there. They came out later, “Oh yeah they had shady taping stuff going on.” It’s like ugh. It stings a little bit more. That’s a big deal for me. I feel like some card games at least, and particularly video games because it’s hard to hack a game, right? An online thing. There seems to be more integrity. It’s tough with the sports stuff, “oh yeah you’re not supposed to take steroids.” Alright it’s probably every baseball team’s best hitter is on something that’s enhancing them.[Alex]: I don’t know now, because they are so insane on checking. They want to make it pure. They want to make the game pure.

Sure. And I haven’t been paying attention since the scandal, so that can be my ignorance.

[Alex]: I think for football I think they look the other way for a lot of things. Like drugs. Lawrence Taylor. The dude was coked up every time he was out there. Of course he’s going to do amazing -- you know what I mean? He’s a monster. And now he’s a coked up monster.

I did this report in school, I don’t know why, but it was on football.

[Brian]: I found this amazing quote from a researcher. Apparently Japanese intelligence was warning military higher-ups and the Emperor. In their pros and cons list of attacking the US, football was a reason to be weary about attacking us. It was considered a representation of how ruthless America could be, and how tactical we can be. It’s a representation. It’s utterly brutal. People collide into each other. But you’re also running these plays.[Alex]: That was one of the things that appealed me when I was younger. So this guy is doing this. And this guy -- everyone has that part to play. And to run the perfect play everyone has to do their part. Team sports that’s what it’s all about. Especially football. It’s a great representation of that. It’s not just a random, “Just go long,” when you’re a kid. Doing it for real.The left tackle has to come over and block here if you’re going to run through this hole. Those are the best teams, that can run those plays right.[Brian]: And not to diminish other sports that run plays. But there is something about running the play, and then taking a break to strategize the next play. Losing the fluidity that exists in hockey or basketball actually makes it more intense, because now there is more onus on that plan being perfect.[Alex]: And now that defense has to plan for ---[Brian]: They’re metagaming.[Alex]: Yeah. They’re metagaming.

But that’s only half the entertainment of the Super Bowl.

[Brian]: I’m the @sshole that can’t talk to you during the game or the commercials. So I can never go to the bathroom. It’s terrible.[Alex]: So you have to wait until they go to the camera to review a play for you to go to the bathroom?[Brian]: Yeah.

But what do you like to eat? What’s a good Super Bowl party food?

[Alex]: Wings. In South Jersey the go-to is Aunt Berta’s, which I’ve mentioned to you before. The party wings, they’re breaded, and you get the Jenna sauce on the side. You put it on when the party starts. You don’t want them to get saggy.[Brian]: That’s when the party starts, when the Jenna sauce gets on.[Alex]: Oh yeah.

If you want to go deep Korean fried wings at Dolsot House.

[Alex]: They’re on several lists in Jersey as the best wings. They call them Korean fried chicken. Even though they don’t call them wings, they’re wings. I believe they are twice fried. I don’t know how they do it or the process. But they’re the best wings. Next time you’re out, we should definitely go.[Brian]: Alright. Sure.[Alex]: They are a game changer. That is it. I tried to get them once for the Super Bowl, actually last year. And I did the thing. Two weeks beforehand I called them up, I made my order. I wanted like fifty wings. And I show up and there is this insane line outside the door. I go up and say, “I called my order in and I’m here to pick up. The game starts in an hour.” They say, “Oh sorry. We’re really backed up. We didn’t expect this.” I asked them, “Dude, how long have you been waiting?” Guy said “45-minutes.” I was out. I love those guys, but I couldn’t wait. I get in my car and call Aunt Berta. I call and ask for fifty wings with the Jenna, and no problem.

Wow. How is Aunt Berta not slammed? How are they not the thing.

[Alex]: They haven’t made the lists. They aren’t getting the recognition yet.[Brian]: They are getting the Eater Listicle.[Alex]: Yeah. The people that get all the Facebook “look at this list, look at that list.” So she saved the day. That experience kind of soured Dolsot House to me. If they can’t handle it all, then don’t take those orders.

You couldn’t have been the only person to have called ahead?

[Alex]: Yep. I cancelled my order and I was out. But if you go for dinner not on Super Bowl.[Brian]: Or maybe as the game is in process you’re there.[Alex]: Dolsot House is great. And they have other foods that are delicious, other than wings. We can definitely do that. Besides the wings I make a dip. My local friend group, anytime they are having a party and we’re invited, they ask, “Yo are you making your dip?” It’s super simple. Everyone can do this. It’s very easy.[Brian]: Okay.

It’s a chile cream cheese dip. It’s a brick of Philly and a can of chili.

[Brian]: I love it![Alex]: If you can remember that, you can make this dip. You just take a brick of the Philly Cream Cheese and cube it up. Just cut it into cubes. Put it into a microwavable bowl. Take a can of chili, or if you make your own chili, whatever. 16 ounce, or whatever the cans of chili are. The better the chili the better the dip.

Which one do you get?

[Alex]: Campbell’s makes a chili. I get the beef and bean. I like to get a chunky one, which chunky vegetables. The general one, I think Bush’s makes a chili. But I always get the chunky one because you want a little texture.You just pour it in.Microwave it for a minute to a minute and a half. Then you stir it. You stir the hell out of it, so you can start combining everything in there.You put it in for another minute. Take it out and stir, stir, stir.Put it in for another minute, then stir, stir, stir. Once it starts to get hot.Once it really starts to smooth out, you can add in some sriracha. You can add in some Pete’s, or whatever hot sauce you have on hand.If you want to cheese it up some more, you can put some shredded cheddar in there.Just throw it in for another minute, and stir it up.Serve it up with the Scoops, the Tortilla chips. Or the Scoops corn chips, which are my favorite. Those things are greasy as hell, but they’re so good. But that’s a party pleaser, no matter where you go.

It’s a good party dip.

[Brian]: Nice. My dad used to always make, it was kind of in our family, but he would make this thing for Super Bowls or other gatherings called Hoagie Dip. You take anything that would be in an Italian Hoagie. You cut it up really fine. All those lunchmeats and stuff. Use some oil and vinegar. Slice up a baguette. Then a little slice of bread, that’s the slice of a garlic bread piece, scoop that dip on. It’s good. That’s a thing where you can feel fancy, but it’s not really going to require you to cook cook too much. Like you’re thing I love. You’re just going to nuke this thing for three minutes over a few times and that’s it.

Any other tips on how to enjoy a good Super Bowl?

[Alex]: Good drinks. Good couple of coolers out. Make it easy. If you get the folks that want to chit-chat behind everybody watching the game.[Brian]: That’s true. You do need two tiers to the party.[Alex]: For sure. You can’t have the chatty Kathys ruining the game, you know?[Brian]: Yeah.[Alex]: Like you said, some people like watching the commercials as much. But nowadays the commercials will come out weeks before the game. Now everybody knows. It’s not what it used to be, man.[Brian]: Yeah they’ve been really bad lately.[Alex]: And you want to see the insane halftime show, that’s usually something.[Brian]: That’s the thing I miss all the time, because I like the commercials and the game.[Alex]: That’s when you go to the bathroom?[Brian]: Yeah. That’s when I let myself enjoy a bathroom break, and get another round of dinner.[Alex]: But that’s how we do it. Wings. Dips. And somebody will bring a hoagie something, cut it up. Usually Primo’s is good.

Primo’s is good for that.

[Alex]: You can’t go wrong with a Primo hoagie.[Brian]: You have to bring something to a Super Bowl party, right?[Alex]: Yeah. At the very least a six-pack of something. You can’t go to someone’s house and not bring something. It’s old school man.[Brian]: That is true.[Alex]: I think it’s been lost. Kids these days don’t know.

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