Starbucks vs Dunkin Donuts

Episode 85 | Aug 15, 2017

Which national coffee chain is the true fan favorite?

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Starbucks vs Dunkin Donuts: the Battle for National "Best Place to Go Before Work (to Get Coffee)". It's not really a battle of donuts or scones or customer service. These things are nice, but that's not why we go to these establishments. We are there for our fix. This debate only exists because never place offers mainlined caffeine.Use the player above to listen to host Brian Durkin chat with Philly comedians Chris Wood and Jon Koppel about Starbucks vs Dunkin Donuts. After they give their thoughts, the gang reacts to listener comments on the topic. If you enjoy the podcast at this time, skip down below to the show notes for highlights from the episode.

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Full Belly Laughs Podcast Episode #85 Show Notes

After some debate the gang agreed that both Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts serve different types of coffee drinkers. Dunkin is cheap and naturally sweet. Starbucks, although people say the beans are burnt, feels closer to actual coffee (when compared only to Dunkin).

Starbucks vs Dunkin Donuts

To really capture the debate from the podcast, check out these hilarious quotes from listeners.

Fans of Starbucks

There's a reason they put a Starbucks across the street from another Starbucks: they're that good!

Starbucks bc all I have is my pretentiousness.- Tee from Newbold in South Philly
Starbucks (for straight coffee) -- not with all the fluffy stuff. Best taste whether in store, ground and made at home or keurig pod at work. Consistency with flavor. Darker the better.Everything gets overrated these days and commercialized. Starbucks isn't just for yuppies or millennials -- not patronizing for this reason is like not wanting to use an iPhone. It is more expensive tho so not a daily indulgence if I have to buy.- Kathryn from Voorhees, NJ
Starbucks, because Dunkin Donuts doesn't have non-dairy milk for their coffee and it's too gross to drink black. Also Dunkin Donuts' iced tea is undrinkable and Starbucks' is actually pretty decent.- Marissa from Point Breeze in South Philly

Fans of Dunkin Donuts

The few. The proud. The Starbucks fans.

Dunkin Donuts! No pretense there. They put so much cream and sugar in their coffee, though, that I'm surprised they don't run out of both after the 2nd cup served. You don't get people that think they're on an episode of Frasier at Dunkin Donuts either with their complex Starbucks orders.- Eamon Dougherty, former guest on Full Belly Laughs
Wawa but I don't want to be a douche that doesn't answer the question so DuRkin Donuts is my pref over Starsucks cause you're not charged for the pretentious bullshit. Medium with caramel is my go to at DD.- Alex from Magnolia, NJ

Fans of Starbucks and Dunkin

The few. The proud. The Starbucks fans.

If I want to enjoy the coffee, Dunkin. If I need a caffeine buzz, Starbucks.- Mike from Roxborough

Haters Are Gonna Hate

The few. The proud. The Starbucks fans.

Neither. Overpriced and worthlessly trendy to pander to millenials who think if something is more expensive, it's automatically better...OR burnt, cheep, get what you pay for, cigarette smokers dream cup of mud...make ur own at home, or eat an apple. "Science"... u can use it if u wanna.- Matt from Raleigh, NC

Starbucks is the Winner

Overall people seemed to enjoy Starbucks. But they would enjoy it a lot more if it was no frills. If you could take the bustle and no nonsense of Dunkin, and add the Starbucks products, you'd have a real winner.

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Podcast Show Notes: Links and References

Which national coffee chain is the true fan favorite?

We debate the pros and cons of Starbucks versus Dunkin Donuts, then react to the audience's opinions on the matter. Listen now.

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