Intermittent Fasting

Episode 159 | Jan 15, 2019

The benefits of implementing the practice of intermittent fasting into your life.

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Intermittent fasting is the newest rage to chat about on podcasts. But does it actually do anything? Is it good or bad? Well instead of talking to a nutrition, comedian Brian Durkin just shares his experience of trying it.

Full Belly Laughs Podcast Episode 159 Show Notes

Host Brian Durkin flies solo on this episode. He shares his experiences with intermittent fasting. While telling his story he weaves in the definition of intermittent fasting, and some hacks on how to obtain this lifestyle. After telling his story, and sharing some awesome accomplishments from his bae, Brian rattles off a bunch of jokes. He does this thanks to playing the game Punderdome.

Intermittent Fasting: Should You Do It?

Probably. Possibly. It depends. Brian really enjoys identifying as an intermittent faster, and has received benefits. He doesn't over eat as often, and he is beginning to slim down. That said though you really need to want to actually do this lifestyle.

Treating it like a diet is setting up for failure. You really need to start small, and through those steps eventually change your identity. It's hard to avoid the temptation of drinking, unless who you are is someone that just doesn't drink. Same thing with fasting. It's easier to fast when it's part of your being to say that you are a faster. That's the key to success with any lifestyle change.

With fasting in particular, there are a lot of benefits. Giving your body time to enter ketosis will ensure you burn the reserve energy you store. There is a great video that explains how fasting is healthier than just dieting, and how it's not starvation.

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