Friend Dinner Debacle

Episode 157 | Jan 1, 2019

Why going out to eat with friends can get so unnecessarily complicated.

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There are pros and cons to a friend dinner. You might have a great relax time with old pals. You also could be stuck trying to figure out how to split the bill at a restaurant you don't even like. This is the gamble we all take when we agree to go out and eat with others. On this episode we break down the pros and cons of the friend dinner.

Full Belly Laughs Podcast Episode 157 Show Notes

Nicole Phoenix meets up with host Brian Durkin for a conversation at Chapterhouse Cafe in South Philly. They chat about their experiences at the cafe, and then move right into chatting about eating with friends. Both comics have a lot of opinions on the matter, especially with how things can go wrong. After a solid, relatable, and hilarious conversation about the friend dinner, they play some party games. Starting off with Punderdome, the gang actually makes some high quality dad jokes. They close out the episode with Super Fight.

Friend Dinner Pros and Cons

A dinner with friends can be a great or terrible experience. It really depends on the friends you choose to dine with. Regardless of the temperament of your squad, here are some things to worry about:

  • Will this restaurant accommodate everyone's dietary restrictions?
  • Does everyone have cash or an easy way to split the bill (like Venmo)?
  • Will someone order way more then everyone else but campaign for the table to just split the check evenly?

All of the above concerns are real, and every adult has had to suffer through them. Usually be sure adulting you will weed these people out of your normal hanging out. That's the best way to avoid this trouble. If you are meeting up with someone new for the first time, then consider the following tips:

  • Restaurants will a wide selection of offerings (vegan, gluten-free, carnivore-friendly)
  • Tell the server at the beginning you want separate checks

You can also go into the meal fully expecting that you might pay more than your fair share. And sometimes that's okay. At a friend dinner, the company is really what counts. If you were all at the bar, you might end up treating to a round anyway. Try not to be too much of a stickler for details when it comes to food and the check. You could end up being the annoying friend to go out to eat with.

Podcast Show Notes: Links and References

Why going out to eat with friends can get so unnecessarily complicated.

There are so many ways a friend dinner can go wrong. Read or listen to the top issues with a friend dinner, and how to avoid them.

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