Don't Yuck My Yum

Episode 104 | Dec 26, 2017

A Matt & Shane's Secret Podcast takeover!

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"Don't Yuck My Yum" is what someone says when they reveal of weird sexual thing they like. And that's exactly what happened on this episode. Guest Matt McCusker shares a quirk about his masturbation practices. Host Brian Durkin reveals he enjoys pegging. And guest Shane Gillis yucks their yum all day long. If you love intimate podcasts where the people are super real and hilarious, then this is the perfect episode for you. Use the player above to start listening.

Full Belly Laughs Episode 104 Show Notes

Host Brian Durkin leads a discussion with the guests about classic episodes from the early days of Matt & Shane's Secret Podcast. The chat about all the hilarious prank calls, and all the times Matt divulged a secret that makes him look super weird. This lead into them chatting about kinky sex. Matt and Brian are just too kinky for Shane, and he can't stop himself from teasing them. It's all in good fun. At the end of the day it's a celebration of "Don't Yuck My Yum."

Don't Yuck My Yum

This phrase applies to most things. It's the "one man's trash is another man's treasure" of likes and dislikes. It's used most often in the world of sex and kinks. Everyone is attracted to different stuff, and enjoys getting off in different ways. Obviously some ways are illegal and gross. You can definitely yuck someone that's into kids. What the "Don't Yuck My Yum" mantra tries to do is to remind everyone that it's okay if you don't like butt stuff. It's not for everyone, but don't hate on the people that do like it.

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