Vodka Vs Whiskey

Episode 249 | Oct 6, 2020

Choose your booze.

Whiskey vs Vodka

Smoky flavor or clean and neat? Do you just want to add some ice cubes or a bunch of other flavors? These are the questions you need to ask yourself when trying to decide between whiskey and vodka. Our fans made the hard choice, and comedian Brian Durkin curates their responses to the poll. Find out what they love more and why, plus some great party games and coverage on a logical fallacy.

The Dark Side Wins

Our fans like to live a colorful, bold, and smoky life. Well not exactly, but they definitely prefer whiskey to vodka. Some people did point out some really important points about vodka. It can take on more flavors than whiskey, and it does come with possibly a higher level of sophistication. But it depends on your relationship to vodka. At the end of the day, whiskey was the victor as more people preferred its natural taste.

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