SAP Open 1 Creator Toolkit

Resources to Make your FBL Shout Outs as Easy as Possible

FBL Super Auto Pets Open 1 Creator Toolkit

Are you planning to stream your experience of the SAP Open 1? We've provided some resources to make it as easy as possible to communicate the event to your viewers. Here's a list of the assets:

  • Watermarks
  • Chat Commands

Watermark Variations

Variations of the watermark can be found in the Google Drive folder.

Examples in Google Drive Folder

The examples in the folder are meant to showcase how the watermark will look on top of the Super Auto Pets app. This is exactly how the image overlay will appear if you go with the 1920px x 1080px variation.

If you choose to work with the raw 450px x 260px variation, the examples might provide inspiration on how to fit it over the app.

Two Types: Raw Image and Full Screen

For streamers that minimize SAP and incorporate it into their own overlay, we've included the raw watermark itself. The original file is 450px x 260px. Adjust it however you would like to make it work for your stream.

If you are a streamer that puts SAP at full screen, then the 1920px x 1080px version might be the easiest. Essentially this variation includes the 450px x 260px version, but in a safe location to not block any gameplay. If you don't want to mess around with placing and resizing the raw image, this could make it even easier to incorporate.

Mark The Occasion

Adding the watermark is the highest form of saying "Thank You" to Full Belly Laughs for putting on the event. It would mean a lot if you added it, because the watermark would make the tournament feel extra official in the Super Auto Pets category.

Chat Commands

Any streamer knows that you inevitably answer the same question over and over again. One of the best tools to prevent this is a chat command, which turns a mod like Nightbot into your personal secretary. Below are several variations you can copy-and-paste or mix-and-match, so you don't have to write them yourself. Heck, maybe they'll provide inspiration for your own copy in a command.

Prior To the Event

Command name suggestions:

  • !holidaytourney
  • !tournament
  • !SAP260

Message suggestions:

  • Sat Sep 3rd & Sun Sep 4th at 10:00AM PST, I'm competing in the Full Belly Laughs SAP Open 1. There are $260 worth of prizes spread out among top finishers, random players, and random viewers.
  • Labor Day Weekend I'll be playing in the FBL SAP Open 1. Over $250 in prizes, which includes Full Belly Laughs giving away gifted subs to random viewers.
  • 09/03 - 09/04 @ 10:00AM PST: FBL SAP Open 1. Over $250 in prizes.
  • Full Belly Laughs is hosting a SAP tournament with $260 in prizes spread across top finishers, random participants, and random viewers. Save the date: Sept 3rd & 4th. Play begins at 10:00AM PST.

Note that you may want to change the time and time zone to whatever makes the most sense for your stream.

During the Event

Command name suggestions:

  • !FullBellyPets
  • !tourney
  • !SAPOpen
  • !SAPevent

Message suggestions:

  • I'm playing in the Full Belly Laughs SAP Open 1. The tournament has Swiss rounds with a cut to Top 8. Format is Custom Pack, but player creating the lobby must select "Same as Host".
  • Competing in the FBL SAP Open 1, which has over $250 in prizes. Swiss rounds followed by top 8 cut, played over 2 days. Custom Pack Format where players must play the exact same list.
  • 2-day Swiss tournament w/ cut to top 8. $260 in total prizes. Custom Pack Same as Host Format. Organized by Full Belly Laughs.
  • I'm battling it out in the FBL SAP Open 1: $260 prize purse Swiss tournament with cut to top 8. Format is Custom Pack, BUT my opponent and I have to play the exact same deck list.

Going Above and Beyond with Chat Commands

Chatters might be curious about Full Belly Laughs, and following the leaderboard themselves. If you would like to link to our Twitch Channel or the Discord (so they can see the leaderboard), that would be an incredible way to shout out FBL.

Additional Ways to Support the Event

Streaming in the Super Auto Pets category with a title referring to the tournament will be greatly appreciated. Adding a reference like "FBL Open" is a super easy way to say "thank you" to Full Belly Laughs for organizing and financing the tournament.

When someone clicks on the SAP category, and sees a bunch of streamers with a similar reference in their titles, it will make it clear right away that something big is going on. Hoping we can hit this critical mass, but it will only be possible with your support.

Not Following The Suggestions

If you choose to forgo all the suggestions and assets listed in this post, no one is going to stop you from streaming the tournament. Hoping that streamers adopt some form of the suggestions in this post, because they help justify the time and money it takes to put on this event.

Tell Your Content Creator Network

It would be a shame if one of your friends interested in co-streaming the event did not know about this resource. Make sure they know what's up, and share this post with them.

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