Announcing Super Auto Pets Open 1

Over $250 in Prizes for First SAP Tournament Presented by Full Belly Laughs

The Full Belly Laughs SAP Open 1

We're super excited to announce our first ever Super Auto Pets Tournament. This will hopefully be the first of many events. Your participation will help make it a success and shape the future of our SAP tourneys.

Free to Play Discord Tournament

The event will be free to play, and run through our Discord. We've signed up for Tourney Bot to ensure all of the logistics will run as smooth as possible. The event will take place over 2 days, and include epic matches of SAP with many ways to win prizes.

SAP Open 1 Schedule and Prizes

Refer to the infographic below for the proposed schedule. Saturday will include only Swiss rounds, whereas Sunday will include the remaining Swiss rounds plus Playoffs. Note that due to rounds taking longer or other unforeseen technical issues, there may be delays; however, we will stick as close to this timeline as possible.

FBL SAP Open 1 Schedule and Prizes

SAP Open 1 Format: Custom Pack Forced

This means that any pack, static or custom, is allowed; however, the host player of the lobby MUST select "Same as Host". This means that both players will be playing with identical packs.

Who Picks The Pack

Each match will begin with a random way to determine who chooses a pack first. For Game 2, the loser of Game 1 picks a pack. For Game 3, the loser of Game 2 picks a pack. Note that a player does not have to pick the same pack within the same match, even if they've already hosted a previous game in the match.

Come Test Out This New Format

We're excited to see what people bring to the table. Maybe players will default to choosing busted Custom Packs with buy/sell. Maybe players will go with their preferred Static Pack. Maybe players will throw their opponents a curve ball and force them to play with a scuffed pack. The sky is the limit, and the mix ups in pack composition between games will be part of the fun and strategy.

Creator Toolkit for EZ Clap Shout Outs

Are you planning to stream the event? Check out our Creator Toolkit. This post includes a bunch of resources to make it effortless to shout out Full Belly Laughs during your streams.

More Details On The Way

Not everything can be or is ready to be addressed in this announcement. Be sure to check back for updates. Discord will probably be the best place for the most timely communications.

Join The Full Belly Laughs Discord to Play

The tournament will take place in the FBL Discord. Join now and preregister in the #tourney-registration channel. Please only register if there is a good chance you will participate. There will be a check-in the morning of September 3rd from 8:45 AM PST to 9:45 AM PST. If you miss check-in, you will be dropped from the tournament.

Let Your Friends Know

Spread the word so this event can be as awesome as possible. It's free to play, so anyone can join. This might be the perfect opportunity to introduce SAP to your squad.

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