itsgng Will Co-Commentate the FBL SAP Open 1

Gavin, aka itsgng, will co-stream and commentate the tournament all weekend.

itsgng Will Co-Broadcast the FBL SAP Open 1

We're so excited to have itsgng join Brian in the booth for showcasing this event. He's an amazing content creator, and beloved by the Super Auto Pets community. Known for his SAP gameplay and antics, plus great reactions and variety gameplay, itsgng is the full package.

screenshot of itsgng stream

About itsgng

Gavin (aka itsgng) is a variety streamer that focuses on Super Auto Pets, community games, and react content. Fans enjoy his antics and challenges as he tries to collect match wins playing SAP, as well as his funny and hot takes when reacting to YouTube videos. Anyone that stops by the channels knows they are in a for a good time, because Gavin has such a welcoming attitude and comforting spirit. It's no surprise that he's a Partners Streamer on Twitch, and it's well deserved. Be sure to check out itsgng before and after the tournament. You won't be disappointed.

Where To Watch the Event

Viewers excited to follow along the progress of the event can tune into either live stream for coverage:

How Coverage Will Work

Both channels will feature gameplay and the conversation/commentating between Brian and Gavin (itsgng). Gameplay perspectives may differ: for example, Full Belly Laughs might show Player A's perspective, and itsgng might show Player B's perspective; however, to be determined if this approach is appropriate and possible. Either way, Brian and Gavin will be commentating on the same match at the same time The banter will continue even after feature matches conclude, and we wait for the round to finish.

Key Difference Between Live Streams

Since Full Belly Laughs is the tournament organizer, and the event is managed through the FBL Discord, important announcements will come through Brian. Viewers will probably be able to hear them on Gavin's stream as well, but there is always the chance that he might have to step away or have the call on mute. If you want to make sure you don't miss anything important like beginning/end of Round announcements, it's probably worth it to pop into the FBL stream as a hedge; however, as long as you're actively paying attention to the Full Belly Laughs Discord, you should be fine.

Tell Your Friends

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