Announcing Marvel Snap Mondays

Every Monday Live on Twitch, Full Belly Laughs Will Host Marvel Snap Events

About Full Belly Laughs

FBL is a "4G Network": goofing, grubbing, gaming, and growing. Our ideal fun time is enjoying a drink or meal with friends while playing some games. Ultimately this time together will help us grow as players and people, because we always learn from each other.

The Vibes: Casual Competitive

We want that type of "4G" FBL energy to exist in our Marvel Snap tournaments. This is not the place for sweat lords. If you've played Magic: the Gathering, our Monday tourneys are the Friday Night Magic of Marvel Snap. It's a place to congregate with your like-minded friends, get better at the game, but ultimately have a place to be creative and just hang out.

Beginners Welcome

Our balance of casual and competitive creates the perfect environment to test your skills in a safe and welcoming space. If you've every thought about trying out organized play, this is the place for you.

Marvel Snap Mondays Begins on February 20th

First Discord Event Format

Our first event will be the following format:

  • Swiss Tournament (you can play every round regardless of your record)
  • Best of 1 Battle Mode
  • Series 4 and 5 cards are banned (that includes the current season pass card)
  • Open Deck Lists

No Series 4 and 5 Cards

For the foreseeable future, there will be no Series 4 or 5 cards allowed in Marvel Snap Mondays. Not only are these cards difficult to acquire for new players and F2P players, they also happen to be the most oppressive cards in the game. Excluding them from the tournaments not only makes the game more accessible, it also makes it more balanced.

Open Deck Lists

You will need to submit a deck list for the event. We're doing this because we want to share back with the community which archetypes are succeeding in the format. The form to submit your deck list will be found in our Discord, which is where we will run the events.

Why We Run Events In Our Discord

We pay for a premium version of Tourney Bot to help run our events. The bot will handle pairings, standings, and even track your success across multiple events on our leaderboards. Tourney Bot is a Discord bot, so you will need to be a member of our Discord to play in our events.

Join Our Discord to Play

Use the button below to get started, and you'll be set up in no time.

Let Your Friends Know

Spread the word so these events can be as awesome as possible. They're free to play, so anyone can join. It's the perfect opportunity to give organize Marvel Snap play a try.

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