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Live from Don Quixote Tapas & Things

May 17, 2016

full belly laughs podcast episode 15 don quixote tapas audio artworkMatt McCusker and Chris Wood join host Brian Durkin live from Don Quixote Tapas & Things. Executive Chef Eric Boston joins the gang during the last segment of the show. He talks about the menu and his culinary background.

Eggs Benedict Reimagined: A Healthy Seasonal Twist

May 10, 2016

full belly laughs podcast episode 14 healthy twist on a classic audio artworkMike Hobson, Jeff Roser, & Andy Eklund join host Brian Durkin for a brunch date. Brian reimagines the classic eggs benedict with a new healthy twist. All you need is some fun ingredients from your local trader named Joe.

Fermented Vegetables with Amanda Feifer

May 3, 2016

full belly laughs podcast episode 13 amanda feifer destroyer of microbe fear audio artworkFermentation expert Amanda Feifer stops by the show to let Max Barth, Bino Brogden, and host Brian Durkin taste some of her great recipes. The gang chowed down on some sauerkraut slaw and a curried cauliflower picnic salad.

Live from Philly Improv Theater

Apr 26, 2016

full belly laughs podcast episode 12 live from Philly Improv TheaterComedians Jake Mattera, Annie Paradis, and Michael S. Watkins live on stage at the Philly Improv Theater. This marks the first performance of the podcast in front of a live audience. Take a listen at history.

Live from Township Line Pizza

Apr 19, 2016

full belly laughs podcast episode 11 live from township line pizzaComedians John Deary, Jon Lalu, and Teddy Hanson join host Brian Durkin on location at Township Line Pizza. The comedic gang enjoys two styles of pizza, a cheesesteak stromboli, and boneless buffalo wings.

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